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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Impossible Mathematics

We are in a terrible jam as a nation, and unless we make drastic changes quickly we will never recover. In a nutshell, the economy/financial situation is far worse than the mainstream media is letting on. Dig a little on Google or You Tube and you'll find numerous posts and videos explaining that it is a mathematical impossibility to get out of the debt we are in. Being that I am not an economist or financial guru (just a peasant trying to get along in this crazy world) go here for a brief overview of the crisis:

I think it is safe to say that most of our financial mess has been caused by a government that has gone beyond its constitutional mandate to please the world by spending money. Money we don't have. Money we won't have. It needs to stop. We need to study the history of our country and learn from history.

I'm no expert on the constitutional debates that went on during the founding of our nation. But I have read enough to know that the founders wanted a government with minimal intrusion into the private affairs of the citizens. They definitely didn't want government programs such as life long welfare, subsidized industries or the vast sums of money we give to other countries for everything from birth control to defense programs.

This week I saw an article ( ) regarding low income families living in upscale communities on the tax payers' tab. The kicker is that even if the entitle-ees (new word!) get work to pay for their own places, they will have to move into less prestigious digs. The history of welfare shows us that these people will do everything they can to not work and keep their luxury apartments. After all, why work and live in a crappy neighborhood when the working classes will pay for you to be unemployed sitting by the pool?

In addition, too many entitlements have been promised to too many people. Government employee unions have been promised enormous retirement/benefit packages. Now that people live much longer, there is no way these promises can be kept. It is just too darned expensive!

Which brings us to the next point...There are now more government employees in the U.S. than private employees. “What's wrong with that?”, you may ask. Well, the government isn't in the business of producing or making a profit. Government jobs are a drain on the nation, not a benefit. Sure, some government jobs are necessary, like the military. But Joe Schmoe working for the Bureau of Shiny New Bowling Balls for Lesbian and Gay Veterans isn't a justifiable expenditure in my mind. Yes, that's a joke, but look at this list of 'iffy' government spending:

Liberals and socialists love to talk about the evils of capitalism. Sure there are bad eggs out there. Yes, there are evil corporate masters plunking away vast sums of money while the peasants moan. But, the truth is, most businesses don't want to do bad things because it hurts business. This topic really needs a blog post of it's own (or a shelf full of books) but the bottom line is that the 20th century showed us beyond a shadow of a doubt that conservative capitalism is a better system than statist socialism.

Where am I going with this? My original thesis for this post was that we needed to find and elect ethical leaders willing to tell the peasants the truth about the economic disaster ahead of us....but that will have to be addressed in a different post. I'll have to say the thesis has become: We spend entirely too much money and that money comes from us, the peasants. I for one want that to stop. Give me a small government and low taxes...let the private sector deal with charity and 'social justice'. Why is it that rich democrats are the worst givers when it comes to charity?

We only need look at Greece and the rest of Europe to see the trouble ahead of us. Greek citizens are rioting because of the austerity measures demanded by the countries planning to bail them out. They are silly children who can't see that they have no money and can't have their way anymore. We are heading in that direction. In fact, if we had honest politicians and media, the U.S. population would know that we are already living on borrowed time (or borrowed money more like it) and it will come crashing down on us.