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Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Got Us A Convoy (Of Mexican Trucks)

Welcome to the North American Union. Just as the European Union was started stealthily via an international mining agreement back in the 50s, our fearless leaders in both parties are moving forward with the NAU while denying it every step of the way. It started slow, programs like NAFTA were created to improve trade between the US and Mexico (I guess Canada was in there, too...but mainly Mexico). Then, even as 80% of the U.S. population was crying out for stronger border measures, a pilot program allowing Mexican trucks to drive right into the U.S. was put into play. And now, that trucking program is official...

“But,” the program's proponents will say, “U.S. trucks can now drive right down to Mexico City, too!” “See?, it's fair!”

But, those same proponents don't mention that no U.S. trucker in his/her right mind would drive a truck into Mexico due to the 10,000 hijackings they have every year. Oh, did I mention that the U.S. taxpayer gets the bill for the electronic monitoring and inspection of the Mexican trucks on our roads? It doesn't take a modern day Nostradamus to see the future headlines featuring truckloads of illegal aliens and drugs found in Mexican trucks on American highways; it is truly a sad day.

I'm a great fan of free trade. I am a small government conservative if I must be labeled. But Mexico has not shown itself to be our friend or even a good neighbor. Drug war violence spills over the border into Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas on a regular basis and our leadership, who allegedly have our best interests at heart do nothing to stop it. It isn't even a Republican or Democrat issue...none of our leaders address the wishes of the majority of Americans. Poll after poll of Americans has shown that the vast majority want a secure southern border.

But, since the news of the Mexican truckers isn't shown during an episode of American Idol or Dancing With The Stars, most Americans won't even know it is happening. I find it sad that I'm agreeing with the Teamsters on an issue (me=not a big union fan); the above linked article quotes Teamster leadership protesting this trucking plan because it will hurt American truckers.

It is past time that a new wave of patriotism needs to awaken in the people if we are to save our country. The future looks bleak, but there may still be time to turn things around if enough people open their eyes and decide to join together to change our country's direction. When are we going to get a leader who really wants to save America and what it stands for? Is there no leader with ethics, morals and a strong sense of patriotism left anymore? Please, King Arthur, we need you to return! This sounds silly and a little jingoistic (I hate that term, what's wrong with loving and promoting our country?) but I feel it is what we need. A new leader cut from the cloth of the founding fathers. Someone who will say what needs to be done and gather the people to do it.

My thoughts are all over the place right now. I'm so worried about the state of our leadership I find it difficult to stay optimistic that any solution to our problems will be found. It seems we are so lethargic as a people we let the government get away with anything.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Impossible Mathematics

We are in a terrible jam as a nation, and unless we make drastic changes quickly we will never recover. In a nutshell, the economy/financial situation is far worse than the mainstream media is letting on. Dig a little on Google or You Tube and you'll find numerous posts and videos explaining that it is a mathematical impossibility to get out of the debt we are in. Being that I am not an economist or financial guru (just a peasant trying to get along in this crazy world) go here for a brief overview of the crisis:

I think it is safe to say that most of our financial mess has been caused by a government that has gone beyond its constitutional mandate to please the world by spending money. Money we don't have. Money we won't have. It needs to stop. We need to study the history of our country and learn from history.

I'm no expert on the constitutional debates that went on during the founding of our nation. But I have read enough to know that the founders wanted a government with minimal intrusion into the private affairs of the citizens. They definitely didn't want government programs such as life long welfare, subsidized industries or the vast sums of money we give to other countries for everything from birth control to defense programs.

This week I saw an article ( ) regarding low income families living in upscale communities on the tax payers' tab. The kicker is that even if the entitle-ees (new word!) get work to pay for their own places, they will have to move into less prestigious digs. The history of welfare shows us that these people will do everything they can to not work and keep their luxury apartments. After all, why work and live in a crappy neighborhood when the working classes will pay for you to be unemployed sitting by the pool?

In addition, too many entitlements have been promised to too many people. Government employee unions have been promised enormous retirement/benefit packages. Now that people live much longer, there is no way these promises can be kept. It is just too darned expensive!

Which brings us to the next point...There are now more government employees in the U.S. than private employees. “What's wrong with that?”, you may ask. Well, the government isn't in the business of producing or making a profit. Government jobs are a drain on the nation, not a benefit. Sure, some government jobs are necessary, like the military. But Joe Schmoe working for the Bureau of Shiny New Bowling Balls for Lesbian and Gay Veterans isn't a justifiable expenditure in my mind. Yes, that's a joke, but look at this list of 'iffy' government spending:

Liberals and socialists love to talk about the evils of capitalism. Sure there are bad eggs out there. Yes, there are evil corporate masters plunking away vast sums of money while the peasants moan. But, the truth is, most businesses don't want to do bad things because it hurts business. This topic really needs a blog post of it's own (or a shelf full of books) but the bottom line is that the 20th century showed us beyond a shadow of a doubt that conservative capitalism is a better system than statist socialism.

Where am I going with this? My original thesis for this post was that we needed to find and elect ethical leaders willing to tell the peasants the truth about the economic disaster ahead of us....but that will have to be addressed in a different post. I'll have to say the thesis has become: We spend entirely too much money and that money comes from us, the peasants. I for one want that to stop. Give me a small government and low taxes...let the private sector deal with charity and 'social justice'. Why is it that rich democrats are the worst givers when it comes to charity?

We only need look at Greece and the rest of Europe to see the trouble ahead of us. Greek citizens are rioting because of the austerity measures demanded by the countries planning to bail them out. They are silly children who can't see that they have no money and can't have their way anymore. We are heading in that direction. In fact, if we had honest politicians and media, the U.S. population would know that we are already living on borrowed time (or borrowed money more like it) and it will come crashing down on us.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Search For King Arthur

As I read the news every day, I become more convinced that unless there is a radical shift in thought and action by the world's populations we are doomed as a 'modern' society. Like many of you, I check blogs, videos and news sources many times a day to see what's happening; what is the mainstream media not telling us?

Whether it's the topic of radiation leaks at Fukishima or in Nebraska, the crumbling of our financial system, or the militarization of our police forces and the TSA, it is difficult to cull the truth from the hype.

I do believe that anyone who is paying the slightest attention to events that fall outside of our obsession with the cult of celebrity can see that swift action is necessary to save us all.

These are just a few of the incredible difficulties that need to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

We have many voices crying out in the wilderness. On all points of the political compass there are authors, pundits and Radio/TV personalities jumping to point out the problems we face. Not one of these pundits ever talks about leading us in the right direction. No one proposes a plan to educate the peasant class and energize them into action. Where is our King Arthur to pick up the sword and save us all? In other words, where are our ethical and moral leaders?

Yes, we can all do our part to influence the course of our political class. In fact, I encourage everyone to write to their congressman and senators about any and all issues we need to resolve. Here's where to find info:

However, as anyone who is paying attention knows, our leaders in Washington are many times more interested in pleasing their big money donors rather than doing what is right. Through all the money and sex scandals we have seen come out of our capitol, isn't there one real leader? One man(or woman) with true ethics and morals that will do the right thing rather than curry political favor? And I am not talking about a Republican or Democrat, our problems are so extreme we need to get above partisan bickering and think big.

I'm hoping that if I ask often enough and search enough, a leader will appear that can point us in the right direction to save our country and our world.

I am not a leader, but I can be a heckava follower. I'm searching for the organization or individual who isn't afraid to fight the good fight, educate the people and bring our country back to the freedom our founding fathers envisioned for us.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Historical Aside

So, anyway....

I live in Arizona as some of you may know. I've been here for 5 years or so...and something has always driven me crazy. And trust me, if I were in charge this would have been fixed long ago! Back in the day, there was the Arizona Territorial Prison in Yuma, AZ. At some point last century, after AZ had become a state, they opened the big state prison in Florence, AZ. Of course there are other, smaller prisons in the state, but Florence is the 'big house' as they say.

Okay, here's my dilemma....and I'm sure I'm repeating myself, but what the heck......the 'big house' is in Florence, AZ. But I swear that less than 30 miles from Florence is the town of Casa Grande, AZ...think about it...wouldn't that have been the logical choice to put the 'big house'? It's the little things in life that drive me the craziest...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Showing Their Tummies

Anyone who has dogs, knows that a dog will roll over and show its tummy as a sign of passivity. It's the dog's way of saying "You win, you're the alpha and I will do what you want as long as you don't eat me"...Well leave it to another pussy lib...this time a Bishop....follow the link to see how he wants everyone to start calling god "Allah" to appease the moslem hordes...unbelievable cowardice! Allah help us all! Oops!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Les Paul

Hi Guys,

So, here's my dilemma...for my birthday, I bought myself a black Gibson Les Paul Standard! I've always wanted one, and it is awesome! But, I can't decide if I should leave the white pickguard on or replace it with a black one, or take it off all together...what do you think? Here's two pics...neither are my guitar but you get the idea....I like the way both look...I also like black pickguards...oh what to do! Come on, Vegas Art me out...:)

I Hate Libs

The title says it all....any man who is liberal is a pussy in my mind....I'm sorry for being literal...I am tired of being 'sensitive'...We are in a war against a religion that thinks women are property....not just second class citizens....Libs are pussies...grow some