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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Search For King Arthur

As I read the news every day, I become more convinced that unless there is a radical shift in thought and action by the world's populations we are doomed as a 'modern' society. Like many of you, I check blogs, videos and news sources many times a day to see what's happening; what is the mainstream media not telling us?

Whether it's the topic of radiation leaks at Fukishima or in Nebraska, the crumbling of our financial system, or the militarization of our police forces and the TSA, it is difficult to cull the truth from the hype.

I do believe that anyone who is paying the slightest attention to events that fall outside of our obsession with the cult of celebrity can see that swift action is necessary to save us all.

These are just a few of the incredible difficulties that need to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

We have many voices crying out in the wilderness. On all points of the political compass there are authors, pundits and Radio/TV personalities jumping to point out the problems we face. Not one of these pundits ever talks about leading us in the right direction. No one proposes a plan to educate the peasant class and energize them into action. Where is our King Arthur to pick up the sword and save us all? In other words, where are our ethical and moral leaders?

Yes, we can all do our part to influence the course of our political class. In fact, I encourage everyone to write to their congressman and senators about any and all issues we need to resolve. Here's where to find info:

However, as anyone who is paying attention knows, our leaders in Washington are many times more interested in pleasing their big money donors rather than doing what is right. Through all the money and sex scandals we have seen come out of our capitol, isn't there one real leader? One man(or woman) with true ethics and morals that will do the right thing rather than curry political favor? And I am not talking about a Republican or Democrat, our problems are so extreme we need to get above partisan bickering and think big.

I'm hoping that if I ask often enough and search enough, a leader will appear that can point us in the right direction to save our country and our world.

I am not a leader, but I can be a heckava follower. I'm searching for the organization or individual who isn't afraid to fight the good fight, educate the people and bring our country back to the freedom our founding fathers envisioned for us.