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Saturday, August 11, 2007


I hate the chickenhawk argument...for those of you who don't goes something like this:

If you haven't served and fought, you have no right to comment on the war. Or, if you are young enough, why aren't you serving now?

It's just a liberal, cowardly way to try to stop the argument over the war. Not everyone serves in the same way. Some ball-less lib on another forum recently tried to use the argument on me. It's stupid...if they'd let me fight, I would.

The thing I can't get is why libs care about the war anyway? None of their friends or family are doesn't affect them in any way. Could it be that deep down they oppose it because they realize that if it gets really down and dirty they will be too cowardly to pick up the sword? I bet that's it...

Friday, August 10, 2007

If I Were In Charge

One thing I never understand about the Republicans is...Why don't they speak out more? People are basically sheep (most anyway). They get a little news from the biased media and believe it all. They then go out to the pasture and eat grass. It takes a lot of hits to the head to make them move.

Now, we all know there are rich Republicans. Why doesn't someone start a group to buy ad time on television and radio to feed the truth to the sheep? Daily ads explaining why progressives and liberals are destroying our country. They could have ads discussing the silliness of non-stop political correctness. They could have ads teaching the sheep how to safe money and not rely on the feds for handouts. They could teach the sheep that it really is okay to be patriotic all the time.

Also, Bush and his crew should be giving speeches and press conferences 24 hours a day to explain the war on terror to the sheep. They should do the same with government spending...explain to the sheep how government programs sponsored by democrats cost the individual sheep money. I guarantee the true conservatives could reduce the size of the government by letting the flock know what their hard-earned dollars are helping to pay for....

If I were in charge, I would educate the sheep...bah bah bah!


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

But They Support The Troops!!

And don't you dare question their patriotism....heh.

I've been reading about the The New Republic's Baghdad Diarist. What a joke. The truth is that people on the left don't support the troops as a general rule. They hate war and think our army is savage, viscious and uncontrollable.

I think I've figured out why. The liberals are cowards. The liberal boys have no cajones. They can't see anything in the world worth fighting for. It's easy to lash out at the right, because the castrated left know that no harm will come to them. Ask a liberal why they don't scream and yell about moslems killing women and homosexuals....they won't talk about it...they want to be little puppies and roll over for their new jihad masters and hope they don't get killed....

Show your tummies to your new masters little doggies...maybe they won't stone you or cut your head least not for a couple of days....

Never Trust

This is for the girls....a little advice...never trust guys. Guys always cheat. If they can't be cheating, they are thinking about cheating. Harsh, huh? It's true...

I'm watching a movie called Last Kiss

It stars Zach Braff from Scrubs as an asshole cheating is just like real life....guys cheat, guys lie and then cheat and lie some more...any girl stupid enough to be shocked by this deserves what she gets. And yes, I was cheated on at one point in my life and I learned my lesson...Ladies, if your guy cheats and then you take him back, he's gonna cheat again...guaranteed....guys are dogs....if you get married young....count on this: when your guys is about 50, he's gonna dump you for someone younger, that too, my friend is guaranteed....

And if, for some reason you are actually able to find someone who doesn't cheat, they will most likely be so selfish that you won't be able to stand being with me, I've been there too....

I've spent my life playing in bands with boys....I know them inside and out...they are cheating, no good, selfish motherfuckers.....I loved this movie, can you tell? Lol...