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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Liberals Are Idiots

Okay, maybe the title is a little harsh. Maybe liberals aren't idiots, maybe they are just children who need to be protected from themselves. They live in some weird la la land where just talking to terrorists is better than killing them...just ask Steven Spielberg, that's pretty much what he said while being interviewed about his new movie "Munich". Before anyone complains about that lack of links to sources in this post, tough. I'm sick and don't feel like googling them...but if you really care, they are out there waiting to be found.

Anyway, in the latest proof that liberals are naive children, I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you to find out that 10 out of 15 countries in the EU are not keeping up with their end of the Kyoto Protocols. I remember when all of the crazy environmental people were whining about the US not climbing on board Kyoto knowing, knowing I tell you, that this would happen. We sign these meaningless agreements and we end up usually being the only country even trying to stick to them.

Lock the liberal children in their rooms and let the realists run the world....maybe then we can drill in Anwr and build some new refineries.....jeez.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Did I Mention?

So, have I ever mentioned that I can control traffic lights? No? It's true, I can control traffic lights and I have done years of double blind, scientific experiments to prove it. And by double-blind experiments I do not mean I was being aided by Stevie Wonder and Jose Feliciano although I bet they can't control traffic lights, especially since they shouldn't be driving as they are both blind. Hopefully if they ARE driving, an observant traffic enforcement officer will be able to stop them and save society from a certain to be tragic double-blind multi-vehicle collision.

Back to my theory: I can control traffic lights. Here's how...when I am driving, I am subject to the same frustrating yellow and red lights that all drivers (even Stevie Wonder and Jose Feliciano) have to deal with. Stop, go....stop, go...I hate it. What if I found a way to keep the lights green in my direction always? That would be better than chocolate chip cookies without walnuts! So without further adieu (what does that phrase mean anyway? I could look it up on the web, but that can be assignment for the rest of you considering I am here explaining how to make traffic lights act in your best interest) here is my secret. I make a conscious decision to put on lipstick at the next red light I hit. It works without fail. I reach into my purse, grab my lipstick and I never hit a red light again. Try it out for yourselves, it works. Just keep your eyes peeled for Jose and Stevie, they may be driving in your neighborhood....

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Yay Is For Christmas!

Well, I haven't blogged for a month, and the people close to me know that it is because I've been down with leprosy and the bubonic plague; both at the same time!! But yesterday and today, I conserved my energy so I could enjoy time with family and friends for the big ole Christmas holidays.

Physically I am paying the price right now for being out and about the last two days, but it was so worth it, I love Christmas. There is definitely something magical about what I like to call 'Americanized Christmas'...(the Christmas without Jesus and Christianity). Every year it is a chance to be a kid again...the excitement of watching someone opening a present they've been dying to get, the joy of playing with toys meant for 10 year old kids, and the child-like excitement of all of the various dogs in my life over the noise, food and people gathering together. I love it.

Okay, enough of the mature, philosophical outlook....onto the selfish kid views....I got awesome presents!!!!!! Now remember, this is my selfish inner child talking, but I want to complain about one thing before moving on to the presents...Google's Wish List doesn't work. Now, I don't expect presents and I admit I feel uncomfortable getting them sometimes but I practically shoved my wish list into people's faces to help with decisions about what to get self-obsessed little ole me, and not one person got me anything off the list. Once again, I am not not not not not looking gift horses in the mouth (there were no horses on my wish list) but I thought it would be so easy for people to find things in various price ranges...just like a wedding registry at Walmart or something....okay, enough of all of that....Christmas rocked and my presents rocked!

My bestest friend in the whole world, Ravenna, topped the list for hitting the nail exactly on the head and getting me two (entirely too expensive) games for the computer and the PS 2....the first game is Call of Duty 2. I confess, I play first person shooters....I like to shoot WWII era German soldiers and liberate Europe. I've already started playing it, and I'm already liberating Poland...if you can call the Soviet advance through Poland towards Berlin liberation, heh. If you're a crazy grrrlll who likes guns, this is the game for you!!

The other awesome present Ravenna got for me was The Warriors for the Playstation. I haven't started this game yet because I'm waiting for Rav to come over to inaugurate it. This game is based on the 70s movie the Warriors. The movie is a cult classic about gangs fighting it out on the mean streets of New York....I've seen it so many times I can quote it line for line....can you dig it? I can't wait to play it!

For all family and friends that occasionally read this silly blog, I just want to tell you all how much I love you and thank you for everything I got...including guitar gadgets, pajamas, DVD's, jewelry and was the best Christmas ever!!!!!

Tomorrow I'll do part II of the great Christmas adventure and post pictures, too!!