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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Biosphere 2

My wonderful boyfriend, who I will call 'Bob' to protect his anonymity, took me too Biosphere 2 this past weekend. What a fun place! For those of you unfamiliar with it, Biosphere 2 was built as a research project in the early 90s. The idea was to build a facility where a group of scientists could explore the difficulties of living in a sealed environment. Relying only on elements within the buildings to survive, it was to be an exciting adventure. Data gleaned from this project could be used to plan for manned missions to the far reaches of space.

I remember when this project got underway. I remember being excited to see if the scientists would be able to survive for long periods of time living self-sufficiently. And then they blew it. All ideas of real science went out the window for me when the people involved were caught bringing supplies into the allegedly sealed Biosphere. At that point I lost all faith in any science discovered from the experiment. I guess my reaction was harsh, but that is the way I felt.

However, on visiting the site this weekend I once again was impressed! It's quite a marvel. It is composed of different sealed buildings connected with tunnels. Each area represents different areas of the earth's environment, the most impressive being the tropical rain forest. The humidity in there was so high, I thought I was back living in New York City.

For Tucson or Phoenix area residents, it is definitely worth seeing...

Convict Double Latte

Sometimes I think I am living in a bizarre parallel universe ala the Twilight Zone. Although I am a very compassionate person, I am also a realist and hate to see the bizarre things that government officials think are good ideas. Take the following for example...

In my humble opinion or IMHO as we computer geeks say, when someone is convicted of a crime, they need to be punished, not coddled. An eye for an eye, that's my motto. I must admit in most cases I do not believe rehabilitation to be effective. Give 'em hard time. When I read this article I found myself screaming "Ahhhhhh, Bastards!"

Officials at McNeil Correctional Facility are installing an espresso stand for the inmates. It's supposed to help the criminals prepare for a working life after the slammer. Part of their vocational training... This is unbelievable. What is wrong with people? Rewarding assholes with espresso and lattes? I say, put them on a chain gang and let them break rocks!


Good news on the science front! Sane citizens in Pennsylvania have voted out 8 of 9 incumbents of the school board trying to bring the joys of intelligent design to the classroom. It seems that parents who vote are much wiser than government officials who believe in the god of the gaps. It's one thing if you want to believe in a silly, vengeful man in the clouds, it's another to have it taught as science. I for one, am a Pastafarian!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bonfire of the Vanities

Greetings to all who may have stumbled here via The Bonfire of the Vanities currently hosted by the Conservative Cat. It seems that the Cat deemed two of my posts worthy of dumping onto the great conflagration of the blogosphere. The first post deals with the proud life and sad death of Rosa Parks. The second burning ember is my personal solution to welfare reform. Burn baby, burn!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Not Just For Astronauts!

For those of you who are like me and have been on the planet for a bit, you may remember ads from the 60s and 70s promoting the drink the astronauts drink! Orange flavored Tang. Well, we all wanted to be as cool as the spacemen, so drink it we did. Well, the powers that be in the advertising world didn't stop at orange flavoring. There were chocolate energy foods the astronauts ate. Astronaut endorsed dinners, you name it! But this is absolutely the worst idea ever! Who would eat powdered, lemon flavored fish?

Get Smart

The other day I took a photo of a lamp fixture above my head. I felt a pang of deja vu and suddenly felt that I could be listening to government secrets and not have to worry about it. Here's a shot of the lights I was standing under. I stood there for a minute until I finally realized where I had seen this before. It was the Cone of Silence from Get Smart! Sorry about that chief!

Froogle by Google

Now this is really what I need! Google has this shopping list feature in Froogle. I always run across things I want to buy but just not at this moment. When the time comes that I am in a buying mood, I always forget the things I was thinking about weeks before. I do this a lot with books. Because I always have so many books waiting to be read, when I come across something new, I want a place where I can remember to get it in the future. This works perfectly! In addition, it also functions as a wish list that friends and family can reference for the perfect gift to give on Arbor Day. Oh boy, my list is filling up!!

On History and Harvard Professors

This is almost too ridiculous to be believed. Patterico has a post up about a Harvard Professor and Hoover Institute Fellow who apparently knows nothing about history. The professor, Niall Ferguson confesses in an LA Times op-ed that he did not know who said "Give me liberty or give me death!". Now, for anyone reading this I can forgive you if you don't know. But for a professor of history at Harvard this is inexcusable. We all know that the quality of education in our country is crumbling before our eyes, but this is unforgivable. Parents, save your money and home school.

Oh by the way, the answer to who said "Give me liberty or give me death" is Benedict Arnold, duh.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Light Headed

My blogging favorite Minding the Planet, has a great article up about some new research. Apparently the human body gives off light from various parts of the body such as the head and hands. For me, this explains two things. The first, now I know why I don't break my nose when I am trying to find the bathroom in the middle of night. And also, I now know why people think I'm an angel when they first meet's my halo!

Email Yourself

How cool is this? Via Boing Boing, a service is being offered by Forbes that allows you to email yourself up to 20 years in the future! I think I'll write an email to myself talking about my life as a rock star with millions of dollars. I'll write about the time I saved the world from the evil Avian Flu Pandemic of 2007. I'll make note of the time I won an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Comedy for my work in the autobiographical "The Story of Stacy's Life". I'll write all of this so that in 20 years when I am losing my memory, I'll think I led a very interesting life!

Political Correctness

If there is one thing (although in reality there are lots of things) that drives me absolutely bonkers, it is political correctness. Everyone is soooooooo sensitive these days about every little presumed slight. I'm Irish, so I guess I am supposed to be offended and emotionally devastated if someone makes a joke about drunken Irishmen or if someone calls me a 'mick'. The truth is, I don't care. I like Irish drunk jokes. But I have found an example of a magazine avoiding such 'sensitive' issues.

My favorite magazine is Mental Floss. It's a trivia cornucopia. If I want to read a paragraph or two about a topic I am unfamiliar with, that's where I go. In this month's issue I found, and got mad at, PC gone ridiculous. In an article describing the different types of stars in the universe, the article compares the varieties with Hollywood stars. For example, a star that goes supernova is James Dean. An aging star is compared to Joan Rivers. But here's the stupid part...A white dwarf is Dustin Hoffman, however, a brown dwarf is Alf...Now tell me, why couldn't they use Gary Coleman or Emmanuel Lewis? It drives me CRAZY!!!!! You get the picture.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

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