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Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Got Us A Convoy (Of Mexican Trucks)

Welcome to the North American Union. Just as the European Union was started stealthily via an international mining agreement back in the 50s, our fearless leaders in both parties are moving forward with the NAU while denying it every step of the way. It started slow, programs like NAFTA were created to improve trade between the US and Mexico (I guess Canada was in there, too...but mainly Mexico). Then, even as 80% of the U.S. population was crying out for stronger border measures, a pilot program allowing Mexican trucks to drive right into the U.S. was put into play. And now, that trucking program is official...

“But,” the program's proponents will say, “U.S. trucks can now drive right down to Mexico City, too!” “See?, it's fair!”

But, those same proponents don't mention that no U.S. trucker in his/her right mind would drive a truck into Mexico due to the 10,000 hijackings they have every year. Oh, did I mention that the U.S. taxpayer gets the bill for the electronic monitoring and inspection of the Mexican trucks on our roads? It doesn't take a modern day Nostradamus to see the future headlines featuring truckloads of illegal aliens and drugs found in Mexican trucks on American highways; it is truly a sad day.

I'm a great fan of free trade. I am a small government conservative if I must be labeled. But Mexico has not shown itself to be our friend or even a good neighbor. Drug war violence spills over the border into Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas on a regular basis and our leadership, who allegedly have our best interests at heart do nothing to stop it. It isn't even a Republican or Democrat issue...none of our leaders address the wishes of the majority of Americans. Poll after poll of Americans has shown that the vast majority want a secure southern border.

But, since the news of the Mexican truckers isn't shown during an episode of American Idol or Dancing With The Stars, most Americans won't even know it is happening. I find it sad that I'm agreeing with the Teamsters on an issue (me=not a big union fan); the above linked article quotes Teamster leadership protesting this trucking plan because it will hurt American truckers.

It is past time that a new wave of patriotism needs to awaken in the people if we are to save our country. The future looks bleak, but there may still be time to turn things around if enough people open their eyes and decide to join together to change our country's direction. When are we going to get a leader who really wants to save America and what it stands for? Is there no leader with ethics, morals and a strong sense of patriotism left anymore? Please, King Arthur, we need you to return! This sounds silly and a little jingoistic (I hate that term, what's wrong with loving and promoting our country?) but I feel it is what we need. A new leader cut from the cloth of the founding fathers. Someone who will say what needs to be done and gather the people to do it.

My thoughts are all over the place right now. I'm so worried about the state of our leadership I find it difficult to stay optimistic that any solution to our problems will be found. It seems we are so lethargic as a people we let the government get away with anything.

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