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Friday, August 10, 2007

If I Were In Charge

One thing I never understand about the Republicans is...Why don't they speak out more? People are basically sheep (most anyway). They get a little news from the biased media and believe it all. They then go out to the pasture and eat grass. It takes a lot of hits to the head to make them move.

Now, we all know there are rich Republicans. Why doesn't someone start a group to buy ad time on television and radio to feed the truth to the sheep? Daily ads explaining why progressives and liberals are destroying our country. They could have ads discussing the silliness of non-stop political correctness. They could have ads teaching the sheep how to safe money and not rely on the feds for handouts. They could teach the sheep that it really is okay to be patriotic all the time.

Also, Bush and his crew should be giving speeches and press conferences 24 hours a day to explain the war on terror to the sheep. They should do the same with government spending...explain to the sheep how government programs sponsored by democrats cost the individual sheep money. I guarantee the true conservatives could reduce the size of the government by letting the flock know what their hard-earned dollars are helping to pay for....

If I were in charge, I would educate the sheep...bah bah bah!


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